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Together We Can Make a Difference, World Humanitarian Day

Humanity at its Best Child Help Foundation

People around the world go through tough challenges all the time. Be it conflicts, climate change, wildfires, or even when Covid 19 pandemic, these extreme things eventually leads people to lose their life, homes and…

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World Organ Donation Day: Let’s Pledge to Donate Organs

World Organ Donation Day Child Help Foundation

A single organ donor can save the lives of eight people. However, due to a lot of myths and superstitions, organ donation isn’t taken seriously by the citizens of India. Every year, 200,000…

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Dream Big, Stand Strong, and Make your Mark On International Youth Day

International Youth Day Child Help Foundation

On this International Youth Day, we recognise the limitless potential, courage, and unwavering determination of young people throughout the world. It is a day to inspire young people to dream big, persevere in the face…

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