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Nurturing Minds in the Heartland: Unveiling Teacher Perspectives in Rural Settings

Teachers - A Confidant Child Help Foundation

Let's travel back in time to the glorious times when there were rivers, lush vegetation, and a constant supply of pure air. Even the fruits and vegetables were grown organically, each home had its own…

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International Volunteer Day: Extending Gratitude to the Selfless Humanitarians

International Volunteer Day Child Help Foundation

“On this important day, let’s re-commit to ensuring that all people can lend their energies to shaping a better future for all people and the planet we share. Let’s stand with volunteers, everywhere.”


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National Pollution Control Day: A Call to Action for Environmental Sustainability

A call for a cleaner and greener planet CHF

Every year on December 2nd, India observes National Pollution Control Day. It is a significant reminder of the dire consequences of pollution and a call towards a cleaner and greener planet. This day commemorates the…

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