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Protecting Nature for Survival: World Nature Conservation Day

World Nature Conservation Day Child Help Foundation

On 28th July 2023, World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated and observed worldwide as an awareness program to conserve nature. To maintain a stable and healthy society, it is emphasised how crucial it is to…

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International Self-Care Day: Benefits of Prioritizing Yourself

International Self-Care Day Child Help Foundation

Self-care is largely looked down upon by our mainstream culture. Our society and Culture place a significant value on being selfless, and taking time out for yourself is largely frowned upon. While it may sound…

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Celebrating the Legacy of Nelson Mandela on His Birth Anniversary

Nelson Mandela International Day Child Help Foundation

There are a few men on earth who could be a contender for ‘the greatest man to ever walk the earth’. Nelson Mandela was one of them. Born on 18th July 1918 in a small…

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