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International Week of Deaf: Celebrating the Achievements of the Auditorily Impaired

Hearing Aids Child Help Foundation

People with partial or total hearing loss have been living a difficult life since the dawn of time. The difficulty of not being able to pick up auditory cues has made the basic task of…

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Youth Mental Health Day 2023: Commit to Listening to Teens

Youth Mental Health Day

For centuries, the problems of the youth have been trivialized as basic and unimportant. Their issues have been relentlessly mocked by the older generation. This belittling of such issues doesn’t do anything except cause…

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World Ozone Day: Let's Clear the Air for Future Generations

World Ozone Day Child Help Foundation

In a world, where environmental concerns are at the centre, particular annual commemorations act as vital reminders of our duty to the planet we call home. We are reminded of how crucial it is to…

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