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Don’t Let Epilepsy Victims Feel Alone on this Purple Day

Purple Day of Epilepsy Child Help Foundation

Purple Day was the brainchild of the then-eight-year-old Cassidy Megan. Initially, Cassidy felt hesitant to disclose her epilepsy diagnosis. Fearing rejection and bullying, she decided to keep her condition close to herself. But after hearing…

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Women’s History Month: 7 Inventions you didn’t know were made by a Woman

Female Inventor Child Help Foundation

Inventions have made our life much easier. From not having to read in the dark to being able to communicate with anyone in the world in an instant, life would have been a chore if…

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Women's History Month: Five Modern Female Leaders You Should Know About

Female Political Leader, Child Help Foundation

While March 8 is celebrated as International Women’s Day, this one day is not enough to celebrate the contributions of women all over the world. So, in order to inspire little girls, the entire…

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