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Cancer Prevention Action Week 2024: It’s Time to ‘’Make Your Move”

Cancer Prevention Action Week 2024 Child Help Foundation

Cancer is a formidable foe, affecting millions of lives worldwide each year. However, amidst the challenges posed by this disease, there's hope in prevention. Cancer Prevention Action Week serves as a crucial initiative to raise…

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Mizoram Foundation Day: Celebrating the Forgotten Beauty of India

Mizoram Foundation Day Child Help Foundation

In 1986, the Indian Parliament adopted the 53rd amendment of the Indian Constitution, which allowed for the creation of the State of Mizoram on 20 February 1987, as India's 23rd state. Before the formation, Mizoram…

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The Importance of Play Therapy For Children

Impact of play therapy on children’s mental health Child Help Foundation

In childhood, where imagination reigns supreme and emotions run wild, the significance of play cannot be overstated. Play therapy, a specialized form of therapy tailored to children's unique needs serves as a powerful tool in…

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