How Baby Feeding Centres Are Beneficial to Mothers

Posted on: 2024-05-14 11:15:47
Baby Feeding Centre Child Help Foundation

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful things in the world and the feeling of being a mother is unlike any other. However, being a mother is not all smiles and hugs as one would like to think, it comes with a whole host of challenges.

The patriarchal culture uses motherhood to disempower a woman. A woman is expected to sacrifice everything that made her her, and solely focus on being a mother, while the father can continue to do whatever he did before.

One of the excuses given to lock women in is breastfeeding. It is recommended to breastfeed the baby for up to six months. However, public breastfeeding is frowned upon by the general populace. So most women have to endure uncomfortable gazes or adjust in unhygienic toilets.

In light of Mother’s Day, we would like to encourage public institutions globally to create safe spaces for breastfeeding. So that public places become accessible to women even while lactating.

Child Help Foundation has implemented the establishment of Baby Feeding Centres as one of its main core policies. As of May 2024, about 24 baby feeding centres have been inaugurated with more being planned in the future. These centres are located in:


  1. Palghar Railway Station
  2. Boisar Railway Station
  3. Kalyan Railway Station
  4. Kurla Railway Station
  5. Sir J.J. Hospital
  6. Cama and Albless Hospital
  7. St. George’s Hospital
  8. Urban Health Centre, Bandra
  9. Pune Railways station
  10. Kashimira Police Station
  11. Krantisinh Hospital -Satara
  12. Palghar Rural Hospital


1. Katihar Railway Station, Bihar

West Bengal

1. New Jalpaiguri Railway Station


  1. Lakeshore Hospital
  2. General Hospital
  3. Chottanikkara Temple


  1. Sir C.V. Raman General Hospital – 2
  2. Sir Atal Vihati Vajpayee College
  3. Taluk General Hospital

Tamil Nadu

Institute of Child Health and Hospital for Children

Institute Of Obstetrics And Gynaecology - Egmore

Andhra Pradesh

1. Visakhapatnam Railway Station

These centres provide a comfortable environment for women to breastfeed their babies. It comes with seating, fans, privacy and a hygienic place for women to feed their babies. It has seen positive reception, with centres being used daily.

Designated Area for Breastfeeding in Vertis North Mall at Philippines Child Help Foundation

Many women and mothers have applauded these centres as they feel safe to feed their babies. Through this blog, Child Help Foundation would like to encourage other institutes like shopping malls, schools, places of worship, colleges, parks, restaurants, airports and community events to create a separate space for mothers to feed their babies. While these places usually have toilets for women. Toilets don’t necessarily provide a hygienic environment due to germs and bacteria, which can cause diseases.

Baby Feeding Centres have helped over 1,18,489 mothers. This number is bound to increase in the future with more centres being planned.

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