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Pride Month: How to be Respectful to the LGBTQ Community?

Transgender Ration Kit Distribution Child Help Foundation

Pride Month is a month to celebrate your uniqueness and commemorate the queer liberation movement. It is an occasion to fight back against the status quo and enjoy your own individuality.

The origin of Pride…

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World Hunger Day: What Can We Do to Reduce Hunger

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Hunger is a global issue. No country is safe from it, it doesn’t discriminate between race, religion, caste, gender or sexual orientation. Hence, we have to come together to defeat it as well.

The World…

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Understanding SDG 2: Zero Hunger

SDG 2: Zero Hunger Child Help Foundation

The fundamental right to adequate, safe, and nutritious food should be unquestionable in the face of global challenges. However, hunger continues to be a widespread problem in various regions worldwide. The United Nations Sustainable Development…

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