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Why Gender Equality is Important in Educational Institutions

Socialization is a universal and continuous process that begins with the birth of an individual till their death. It refers to an ongoing process of learning the expected behaviours, values, norms, and social skills…

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It is 2021 and Child Marriage is still a Social Issue in India

Children are innocent, trusting and full of hope. Their life should be joyful and loving and they should mature gradually gaining new experiences. However, the truth for many children, especially girls, is often clouded…

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Bullying is affecting children’s mental health. Here are 5 ways we can prevent it.

Bullying is a significant public health problem among adolescents, and it may have harmful mental health-related consequences such as depression, anxiety, delinquency, and suicide. To achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), SDG-3…

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