Posted on: 2023-02-17 15:38:59
Good News Only, Child Help Foundation

It is easy to get lost in the overwhelming negativity that has engulfed us. Every day we come across some horrific news on social media, from heinous crimes to depressing turn of events. It seems like a day doesn’t go by without some horrific stuff happening in some corner of the world

In such a pessimistic environment, it is easy to lose hope in the world’s moral consciousness. However, there are still a lot of positive things happening, that often get swept under the rug. For once, let’s escape the negativity and celebrate the positive stuff that has happened around the world.

So, here are some of the positive news from around our country.

  1. Sukla Debnath aims to end trafficking through beautician courses

  2. Sukla Debnath gives beautician training to girls

    Having been alarmed by numerous women being trafficked in her area, Sukla Debath decided to use her qualifications to empower and save children and girls from the Adivasi community around the areas of Hasimara, West Bengal. Traffickers used to entice these women with job opportunities, only for them to end up in dangerous places. She has trained thousands of women around her for zero fees, which has made them financially independent. She has also learnt karate to teach women self-defence

  3. Neha Jain creates packaging that dissolves in water

  4. Neha Jain and the products of Zero Circle

    Quitting her secure job at Google, Mumbai-Based Neha Jain decided to make the world a better place by reducing plastic waste in the oceans. Using seaweeds, she created handbags and packaging that dissolves in water, thereby reducing plastic waste. Her startup company Zerocircle plucks seaweeds from farms in Tamil Nadu and Gujarat. They turn it into powder and create handbags out of them. These bags are also low-cost, making them profitable for enterprises. You can find more about Neha Jain’s work over here

  5. Kartavya Society saves an injured dog

  6. Kartavya Society saves an injured dog

    While passing through the streets of Bhopal, some members of the Kartavya Society happened to discover a dog lying on the street. Assuming that it is dead, they decided to give the dog a respected burial. But to their surprise, the dog was alive

    The members rushed to the nearest veterinarian to treat the dog. The doctor told them that the dog sustained some injuries after getting hit by a car. Thankfully, the dog recovered and is now a member of the Kartavya Society. The animal-based NGO requested everyone to check on an animal in need, saying that “You might be their last chance to survive.

  7. Friends create an eco-friendly home in Aurangabad

  8. Namita and Kalyani with their eco-friendly home

    Graduating from Fine Arts from the Government College of Art and Design at Aurangabad, Namita Kapale and Kalyani Bharambe decided to create an eco-friendly house using plastic bottles. These two friends used cow dung, soil, plastic bottles, and 12-13 tonnes of non-recyclable plastic to make this house. The duo also used eco-bricks, which are constructed from mud, soil, bamboo and non-biodegradable waste.

    Their efforts were even praised by Aditya Thackeray President of the Yuva Sena.

  9. 17-year-old helps low-income domestic workers gain financial literacy

  10. Ananya conducts a workshop for FINWIN

    Appalled by the story of her cook, whose husband used to snatch away her earnings, the seventeen-year-old Ananya decided to start a not-for-profit venture FINWIN in 2021. Through FINWIN, she teaches them about the basics of banking. She has helped over 750 women open their bank accounts. She also teaches them how to track their expenses and budget.

    For her efforts, she was lauded with the prestigious MYP Student Innovators Grant.

    These were some of the positive news that we hope would rekindle your faith in your humanity. Keep sharing such stories so that more people get encouraged to do good in this world.