The Disappearing Ozone Layer: Why We Should All Be Concerned

Posted on: 2022-09-14 17:03:13

The ozone layer is facing a threat that can affect the entire world.


In the late 70s, a group of global scientists came together to study Earth’s ozone layer. On that day, they concluded that humanity had reached so far in its race to conquer the world that we have jeopardized this essential stratospheric component responsible for saving us. During their research, they noticed a slight hole in the ozone layer just above Antarctica, and to their horror, the spot was continuing to grow larger every day.

The reason behind this calamity, as the scientists studied further, was due to the increasing usage of harmful gasses like the ozone-depleting gas emitted from refrigerators or air conditioners. As the consumption of these devices skyrocketed in the later half of the 20th century, the consequences began to appear in front of us as well. This study devastated the team of experts because they knew the impossibility of releasing this study to the world. They realized that the inventions we did for our comfort might be our greatest woe.

 Ozone Layer


What does a hole in the ozone layer mean? How can something inaccessible and unclear to us be the reason to stress about? Why is our money going towards something that we don't even understand?

There were some of the questions the scientists worried that they might have to face after releasing their study. But they also knew the consequence of letting this thing continue, which is why, after much scrutiny, they decided to release the investigation irrespective of the kind of reaction they faced.

What the study showed shocked the world.

The study showed the possible consequences if the problem was avoided. They noted how the ozone layer has been responsible for saving human life since the dawn. The sun, which radiates many harmful rays that can destroy life on earth, failed to do so because of the ozone layer. This stratospheric layer has shielded our planet from all the harmful rays and ultraviolet radiation. If the earth was not protected from these rays, then life as we know it would not have been able to prosper as it is today. If these were directed towards the earth with no protection, every individual would have faced the possibility of skin cancer, cataracts, and many more such illnesses. Overexposure to these UV rays can tamper with crop fields as safe sunlight is their source of life. There would have been disruptions in the food chain in our oceans, i.e., marine life.

UV rays

These were some consequences humanity would face if our ozone layer wasn't protected. And an ever-increasing hole in this shield would be a possible threat to us and our species.

Due to these alarming consequences, an agreement was established under the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, called the Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer.

Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer

The main intention behind this protocol was to cut out the overconsumption of the ozone-depleting gasses that harm the ozone layer. Under the Montreal Protocol many countries, governments, scientists, and industries took the initiative to make this protocol a success.


It can seem irrational to think that such universal and humongous catastrophes can be averted by small individual acts. But that’s not the truth. This problem came to our eyes at the right time, which means we have ample time to fight against it.

We learned how nations, governments, and industries had come together to fight this problem. In the same way, we can also make our individual contributions. Knowing the cause of this problem, we can get to the solution.

This hole in the ozone layer is caused by the gasses emitted into our environment by the overconsumption of devices like refrigerators or air conditioners. All we need to do is lower our usage of such devices. By making these small changes in our actions, we can significantly impact our world.

Harmful gasses

Avoid consuming gasses that are dangerous to the ozone layer, like CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons), halogenated hydrocarbons, methyl bromide, and nitrous oxide.

The usage of cars can be minimized, along with limiting cleaning agents, as they contain solvents and substances that are corrosive. These agents can be replaced with non-gas or non-toxic products like vinegar or bicarbonate.

Child Help Foundation has taken multiple initiatives to support this global cause. Our Climate Change program involves taking care of the marine life that struggles because of our actions. Apart from that, Child Help Foundation has pledged to plant trees in multiple parts of the city so that we can help tackle the catastrophes our planet faces.

Child Help Foundation Tree Plantation


Our Planet Earth has done so much for us; it’s time we do something for it too. If small actions can avert a threat, we must follow them. Even a simple act, like circulating this information, can create awareness and help the world.