Together, We Can Empower Them, Together, Let’s Educate Them!

Even though we are in the 21st Century, education for every child seems like a distant dream rather than a reality; especially for a girl child. In India too we see families that come under the below poverty line and cannot afford children’s education after a certain grade. Apart from poverty there are multiple reasons why children, especially girls do not have access to even basic education in India.

Ill-functioning bathrooms, inadequate knowledge about menstrual hygiene practices, early marriages and child labour are the major reasons why girls in rural India do not go to school. The scenario is somewhat similar for urban areas in the country. Though poverty is the primary reason out of all the other ones. To change this, Child Help Foundation has been working tirelessly to provide equal and quality education to girls, especially from underprivileged household.

Every girl child deserves the opportunity study hard and build a successful career for herself. After all the saying that ‘When you educate a woman, a nation is educated,’ is true in every sense. Let’s us come together and empower the daughters of the nation so they live a progressive and successful life!

₹ 10,00,000

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