This Women’s Day Help Us Distribute Sanitary Napkins to Underprivileged Girls

One of the most highly-ignored topics plaguing Indian society is menstrual hygiene. In India, menstrual health is still considered taboo. Most girls feel ashamed to talk about their menstrual health, which causes such an important issue to be swept under the rug. However, ignoring menstrual hygiene and health can come with various disastrous consequences.

Millions of girls miss out on important opportunities like exams, and jobs because they don't have access to menstrual products. Girls normally start skipping school because they don’t have access to proper menstrual care.

With proper menstrual care, women can thrive in their life. They can go to school without panic in their hearts, and they can also support their families by going to work. This will in turn unlock opportunities for them in the future and can lead to a comfortable life.

On this Women’s Day, Child Help Foundation has decided to start a campaign to distribute sanitary napkins to various Ashram Schools, Zilla Parishad Schools, Shelters and Communities across the country. Through this campaign, we aim to distribute menstrual products to as many girls as possible. To date, Child Help Foundation has managed to distribute sanitary pads to around 26,539 girls across India. We are looking to expand this number so that more girls can have access to menstrual care.

Let’s pledge to make menstrual health a priority this Women’s Day. Donate to our cause to ensure that one less girl has to worry about their menstrual health while climbing the ladder of success.

₹ 10,00,000

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