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With a mere earning of Rs.50/day, how can a father save his only Son?

When our field team and medical social worker visited to know more about the condition of Master. Kundan Rai in the late evening, it was an extremely distressing situation.

They are living in a house which might be approx 90 - 100 sq ft, with no electricity, no glass to offer us water in.There are 6 people in total living in such a small space. With Mr. Nagendra's (Father of Mast. Kundan) Bicycle hanging on one wall and clothes hanging all over the walls and a stove kept in a corner with the utensils.

When we visited them the next day, they were still in the same clothes. And while checking the condition of the child one of our field members asked Mrs. Raj Kumari (Mother of Mast. Kundan) if they had started medication or any sort of treatment for Mast. Kundan, this is what she said, "My husband is still wearing the same old t-shirt which was washed last week and I don't have a new saree to wear, we don't have enough money to buy poison and do you really think we can buy him medicines?"

This showed us the harsh reality of life which many of us can't even think of! And luckily we all are blessed and we should pass on our blessings to support people like Nagendra, at least in this phase when his son needs urgent surgery!

Mast. Kundan Rai is a 9-year-old child diagnosed with a rare type of congenital heart disease that is slowly sucking the life out of him.Kudan is diagnosed with severe AO Stenosis and Bicuspid AO Valve with RCC and LCC fused. It is the type of congenital heart disease that affects the blood flow from your heart to your body. The doctor has estimated the cost of Rs. 2,40,000/- (Two Lakhs Forty Thousand Only) for Kundan's Ross Operation.

What is Ross Operation?

The Ross procedure is a cardiac surgery operation where a diseased aortic valve is replaced with the person's pulmonary valve. A pulmonary allograft is then used to replace the patient's pulmonary valve.

Mr. Nagendra Rai is a hand cart puller by profession who belongs to a weaker section of society. His earning is so less that he cannot even fulfill his basic necessity. Both the parents are unable to accumulate the amount for their son's treatment.

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