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We supported families affected by nature’s calamity – like Jammu Kashmir floods 2014, Odisha cyclone 2013 & 14 and  Uttarakhand flood disasters in 2013; wherein hundreds of villages had been destroyed.

People affected in these villages; mainly consisting of women and children had lost all their Valuables, Clothes, Food and the Houses they lived. Many of them had lost their means of livelihood too.

Earlier relief activity programs in Uttarakhand villages namely: Ramwada, Gaurikund, Kedarnath, Ukhimath, Kachula& others.

Earlier relief activity programs in Odisha villages namely: Gudijhar, Bania, Kamando and Rampili in Ganjam district, the area most affected by the storm.

Our Calamity Relief Program's efforts are to lend a helping hand to the needy at calamity affected areas.

Child help Foundation, a national NGO, has started relief work in Odisha, after the Cyclone Phailin, left a trail of destruction along India’s east coast on 13th Oct 2013.

Child Help Foundation is helping in providing relief and support to the families, people, and children who have survived the massive destruction in Uttarakhand caused by flash floods and landslides. As we all know that, after a disaster like this, children are always among the most vulnerable as the families and adults around them struggle to come to terms with the loss of houses, homely possessions, and daily livelihoods.

Child Help Foundation is a strong supporter of humanitarian coordination, in terms of coordinating Relief work, coordinating volunteers and advocating for strengthened coordination at district and state level. Child Help Foundation staff members participate actively in intervening at field level, rendering all humanitarian support in Emergency. Till date 13000 persons have been reached through our Humanitarian work. 

Although development actors have the main responsibility for building resilience, Child Help Foundation believes that humanitarian assistance can and should strengthen resilience while addressing the immediate needs of affected populations. 

We have been in forefront responding to natural calamity whether it is Uttrakhand Floods or Assam flood. Bihar or Kerala our team ventured out to provide immediate relief and Child Help Foundation has ensured immediate basic essentials reached the affected people. 

Kerala Floods - Worst Flood of the Century

34 dams opened up flood gates, 44 rivers were in spate and 3 weeks of torrential rains submerged 12 of the state’s 14 districts in Kerala. Thousands of children in Kerala were stranded without schooling, without shelter, and without regular food. Devastated and inundated by massive floods. We stood side by side with children and the affected people in the toughest circumstances. 

Child help foundation was one of the first to start relief operation. Child Help Foundation team worked relentlessly, reaching the unreached,risking life, crossing unruly river Achenkoil in Alappuzha to provide relief to 35 stranded families who were not able make it to the Relief camp, clearing mud sludge from homes, so that children can be reunited with their families and enduring the fury of nature to help children in need. They are our unsung heroes. 

 We continue to fight tirelessly for children and their families affected by flood situation. Child help Foundation ensures children have enough to eat, a place to learn and sleep and clothes to change. Created Child-Friendly Spaces, where children, like seven-year-old Shankar, can be protected, receive psychosocial support, continue learning and be reunited with his family. Child Help Foundation to support rebuilding homes and reuniting families. 

Operation Titli - Support Orissa relief efforts

As the very severe cyclonic storm Titli made landfall in Gopalpur and led to a downpour in eight districts, Odisha was faced flood situation in its coastal belt throwing life out of gear. The worst affected district was Ganjam which was cut off from the mainland. Aska block and Purshotampur block (two biggest and densely populated blocks in Ganjam district) it was marooned and even the NDRF team failed to reach the affected areas. The army and the navy were pressed into service to provide relief. Child Help Foundation team based in Orissa is worked relentlessly, reaching the unreached, risking life, crossing unruly flood waters to provide relief to families stuck in their homes. 

We've also created Child-Friendly Spaces, where children, like seven-year-old Shankar, was able to receive psychosocial support, continue learning and be reunited with his family. Child Help Foundation was there rebuilding homes and reuniting families. 

Bihar Floods

Floods in Bihar are a recurring disaster in which human lives, livestock and property get destroyed year after year. In 2017, floods affected 19 districts of North Bihar, killing 514, and rendering hundreds of thousands homeless. 

In the year 2018, another 19 districts were affected and Supaul is one of them. This intervention is about children from four villages namely Nayatola, Sikarhatta, Lalmanpatty and Dudhaila of Supaul district, who are affected by the flood and its aftermath calamity. Their school life was disrupted, but still, they have a dream of continuing schooling and Child Help Foundation has hired a safe place to restart non-formal schooling. We aim to reach the children affected by floods in Supaul. They are our forgotten children. 

Project "Reach out" Education in emergency provides Nonformal and formal education, nutrition, sponsorship, health care and recreational facilities for the children (boys and girls) of the project area. We do this in order to prevent them from being exploited during calamity situation, trafficked, and pushed into becoming anti-social, and vulnerable to HIV and AIDS. The project is an effort to reach out to children in need, provide them with psychosocial support, and enable them to continue their education process as the first step towards rehabilitation and development 

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