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Baby Yazhini Is Born To A Cruel Fate, Help Us Put An End To Her Sufferings!

“My baby has been undergoing continuous treatments to stay alive. Watching her grow weaker day by day just breaks my heart. Now, the situation is getting out of control, and the doctors have advised her to undergo surgery as soon as possible. We are doing everything we can to try and save our child but now it's not enough. We have already spent a fortune by utilizing all our savings and loans. The hospital bills are piling and my baby doesn't have much time left. We are struggling to arrange the funds that could save our baby's life on such short notice. Her life is in your hand now, please help me save her!” -

Mrs. Maheshwari ; (Mother)

Yazhini is a seven-month-old little angel born to Mr. Saravanan and Mrs. Maheshwari on 14th September 2021. What should have been a moment of happiness, was a terrifying experience. Since then their life has been full of hospital visits and medical bills.

After four days of Yazhini's birth, she was under the support of an oxygen machine fighting to take a breath. After conducting a few medical tests, she was diagnosed with a complicated heart defect- large VSD with a predominant left to right shunt, tiny PDA with right Lung Hypoplasia, and Mild Mediastinal RPA Stenosis. Even before her parents could understand the whole situation, they had to start her treatment. Since then, her parents are constantly on their toes running around, desperately trying to find ways to give her the best treatment.

The doctors have suggested this little girl undergo open-heart surgery to correct her congenital cardiac anomaly. The cost of this surgery, along with the ICU charges is estimated at Rs. 4,50,000/-(Rupees Four Lakhs Fifty Thousand Only), an amount way beyond her family’s reach. Her father is a poor man who works as a driver for a living earning up to Rs. 7000/- per month.

Yazhini's elder sister Priyadarshini (10-years-old) is always by her side comforting her baby sister, and their Nana (Mr. Saravanan's mother) is constantly praying to God for her little maka's recovery!

Yazhini's parents constantly fear that she would perish from the illness, as they simply have no money left for the surgery after funding her treatment for months since she was born. The baby's only experience of the world has been a pain. How can life be so cruel to a baby who cannot even express the pain?

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Supporting Documents


The doctors from MMM hopsital have told that yazhini has only 50 percentage chance of surviving if the surgery is done at present. They have also consulted others doctors regarding this issue, they had increased the dosage of her tablets to get in control of her pressure level so that the risk level of her surgery is less. They will have to wait for two to three months for her surgery or it could take place earlier if her pressure level comes under control.


Yazhini's reports will be referred to another doctor after which her date of surgery will be given.


Yazhini had her hospital visit done. The doctor's still have not given a complete decision about her surgery. They are visiting the doctor again in the next week.


Yazhini's hospital is postponed on 13th of July.


Yazhini's surgery has been postponed for a month due to increased pressure , She has an appointment on the 11th of July.


Yazhini's surgery has been postponed due to increased pressure level, she will be on medication for 1 month.




Yazhini would be visiting the hospital this week to confirm her date of Surgery.


Yazhini would be visiting the Hospital this week to Confirm her Date of Surgery.


Yazhini would be visiting the Hospital this week to Confirm her Date of Surgery..


Yazhini is at home and her surgery is planned by mid of this month.

₹ 4,50,000

(As per Indian Government Mandate)

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