Single-mother is battling to save his young son from Large Perimembranous VSD.





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Single-mother is battling to save his young son from Large Perimembranous VSD.

Life was never that easy for Varsha after her husband (Tukaram) lost his memory and left his family. She was once completely dependent on her husband, but now she is gaining the courage to look after her son on her own. But life took a terrible turn in her life when her son Yash was 5 years old and was diagnosed with Large Perimembranous VSD.

Large Perimembranous VSD is basically a ventricular septal defect (VSD) i.e. a hole in the part of the septum that separates the ventricles (the lower chambers of the heart). This hole allows oxygen-rich blood to flow from the left ventricle into the right ventricle instead of flowing into the aorta and out to the body as it should. The cost estimated for Yash MVR + VSD Surgical Closure is Rs. 3,55,000/- (Three Lakhs Fifty-five Thousand Only).

Varsha has exhausted all her resources and savings. Her relatives are also unable to contribute significantly because they have their own family to take care of. She does labor work which fulfills their basic necessities. She fears that she will lose her child if she doesn't get funds for his treatment.

How you can lighten Varsha's burden?

For Varsh, money has become a monumental hurdle for her son's treatment. Varsha needs your support so that she can get cured her son of this disease.

We request you to kindly contribute to Yash treatment and help them during their time of need. Each contribution is important!

Kindly also share the fundraiser with your family and friends and help them to reach the goal.

Only your help can give him a new life.

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