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Help 9-Year-Old Tejesh Who Needs A Liver Transplant

“Seeing our son vomiting blood was really heartbreaking for me and his mother. But we could’ve never expected that it would get worse. Our son is really in need of help, Please help him. He is our only boy, if we lose him, we would never be able to live.” -

Mr. Nelakantam Kondaiah ;(Father)

Tejesh Venkat is the 9-year-old son of Mr. Nelakantam Kondaiah and Mrs. Vijaya Nelakantam who are originally from Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. At the delicate age of 5, one-day Tejesh complained to his parents of pains in his belly, and then he started vomiting and his parents noticed that there was a lot of blood in it. Worried about their son's health, the parents took him to a local hospital where the doctor recommended that they take Tejesh to Chennai for better treatment.

The Little boy has had a painful experience and the parents have taken him to places like Calcutta, Mumbai and Hyderabad in search and hopes of better treatment. The parents were devastated to learn that their little boy was suffering from End-Stage Liver disease. Tejesh was prescribed multiple complex treatments over the years and received free medical care in a Government Hospital in Chennai for three years out of the kindness of the doctors and the medical staff. But, sadly, the treatments were not a permanent solution and the health of his liver deteriorated over time. The doctors finally recommended Fortis Hospital, Vadapalani in Chennai.

The doctors have suggested a liver transplant for little Tejesh’s treatment. The estimated cost of the surgery is Rs. 18,50,000/- (Rupees Eighteen Lakhs Fifty Thousand Only). Mr.Nelakantham Kondaiah works as a daily wage construction worker and earns upto Rs. 10,000/- a month and he is the only breadwinner of the family of four. To pay for his treatments the father had sold a piece of land that the family owned. The amount of the surgery is too expensive for the family to bear and they need your help to save their little boy’s life. Please, Donate!

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Supporting Documents


Tejesh admitted in Hospital as he had fever and stomachache.


Tejesh is admitted on emergency basis as he has stomach ache and fever.



Tejesh and the donor have completed the pre liver transplant assessment and they are preparing the live donor transplant legal paperwork documents as per the Transplant of Human Organ

Tejesh admitted for his review.


Tejesh is visiting hospital on Monday or tueesday for his review.


Tejesh is visiting the Hospital tentatively by this week.


Tejesh is visiting the Hospital tentatively by this week.


Tejesh is admitted today for his pre liver transplant evaluation.


Tejesh has his Hospital vsit on the 17th July for checkup.

₹ 18,50,000

(As per Indian Government Mandate)

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Fortis Vadapalani

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