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Only an Open Heart Surgery can save Mast. Sufiyan's life

"Do you see the scar on his chest? That was because Sufiyan was born with a heart defect. And the only way he could survive was with open-heart surgery. My hands shivered... while signing the "consent to surgery" form, but that was the only option to save my newborn baby"

Jainabai; Sufiyan's mother
Sufiyan is a 5-year-old child studying in Ekathmik Bal Vikas Seva Yojna - Akkalkot. He is suffering from "Congenital Heart Disease (TOF, Large non-routable VSD, S/P BDGS+Artrial Septectomy)". And the only way to save him is with open-heart surgery. The cost estimated by Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital For Children is Rs. 2,20,000 (Two Lac Twenty Thousand Only /-)  Mr. Umarsha Makandar; Sufiyan's father is a farmer and does labor work in others field and he just earns enough for his family's survival. Mrs. Jainabai is a housewife and takes care of Sufiyan and his 2 brothers. Sufiyan's elder brother is intellectually disabled. 

This family cannot afford the treatment of Sufiyan and collecting Rs. 2,20,000 is a hefty task for the entire family. Mr. Umarsha has already spent and is continuously spending money on Sufiyan and his brother ( intellectually disabled) medications and treatment.  Only Your Generosity can save Mast. Sufiyan's life and can help him in getting this surgery. Please save him. 

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