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A Father Seeks Help to Set His Daughter Free from a Limb Deformity.

“My daughter means the world to me and I cannot see her in this state anymore. She is suffering from a deformity I cannot even pronounce properly. For her treatment, we need a sum of money that is impossible for me to arrange. We are already in debt and cannot borrow more money. Please help us, I want Sufiya to live a healthy and happy life, please!”-

Mr. Mehbub Dhaval Shah, ; (Father)

Sufiya, a five-year-old from Nashik, Maharashtra was born with Fibular Hemimelia. It is a birth defect where part or all of the fibular bone is missing causing foot deformities. Watching his daughter born with a deformity was a hard pill to swallow for Mehbub (father) but with great difficulties, he got her operated on when Sufiya was a few weeks old to correct the defect. Doctors at that time informed Sufiya’s parents that she will need another surgery in the future for Sufiya to completely recover.  She is five years old now and needs a limb lengthening surgery worth Rs. 3,00,000/- (Rupees Three Lakhs only)

If she does not receive the required treatment, then Sufiya would never be able to walk regularly. She keeps falling while walking but never fails to try again as this little Sufiya, despite the challenges does not want to give up on life. On the other hand, her parents, Mr. Mehbub, and Mrs. Sayara are feeling helpless.

Mehbub does not have a job or any fixed income. He has to ask for money from people to feed his family. He is already in debt as had borrowed money for his daughter’s first surgery leaving no other source to borrow from, anymore. You all are his only hope. Please help them during these dreadful times.

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₹ 3,00,000

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