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Help Little Sudarshan fight Deadly Spinal Deformity

“Our son was fine all these years, suddenly he fell ill and he is now in a critical condition. The doctors have diagnosed him with a disease that I can’t even pronounce. They have proposed a surgery which I can’t afford.”-

Surya Kanta Jana ; (Father)

Surya Kanta Jana still remembers the fifteenth day of February 2011, when the only son in his family was born. It was a warm sunny afternoon when he first saw little Sudarshan. He still fondly remembers little Sudarshan’s first cry. But Surya Kanta Jana never even thought in his nightmare that his little Sudarshan would suffer from a deadly broken growth road with coronal imbalance, a critical spinal disorder. Sudarshan, who is now twelve years old, suffers from coughing fits, severe back pain, severe weight loss, joint pain, and body weakness. He has been operated on thrice since 2019. He needs physiotherapy every single day. Currently, he is admitted at the Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Hospital in Vasanth Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka. The doctors have proposed a pedicle screws instrumentation deformity correction vertebral column resection and fusion surgery, which would cost an estimated amount of Rs. 4,00,000/- (Rupees Four Lakhs Only).

Sudarshan’s parents, Surya and Anjana Jana both are landless laborers and earn a meager daily wage of Rs 300 which depends on the availability of the work. They live in a small dingy room on the outskirts of Evanda, Ruba Medinipur, West Bengal. Moreover, Sudarshan has a younger sister. It is at this moment that the family needs support from generous donors like you. So, please come forward and lend a helping hand to this family in need.

“We are poor landless laborers, we don’t have enough savings or assets to fund our son’s surgery. We have already sold all of our major assets. We will also have to mortgage the only house that we are left with. We are hopeless and you are our only hope. So please help us as much as you can. I plead before you.” – Anjana Jana (Sudarshan’s Mother)

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50% Tax Exemption under 80(G)

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Sudarshan is currently at home on Medication and would be Visiting the Hospital on the Doctors Call


Sudarshan is currently at home on Medication and would be Visiting the Hospital on the Doctors Call.

₹ 4,00,000

(As per Indian Government Mandate)

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