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Only a Heart Surgery Can Help Little Sonakshi Survive, Please Help Her!

“Devansh and Sonakshi were born on 02.11.2021, a happy day I clearly remember. I held them in my hands, and my world went round. But doctors sensed some issues and took them away saying they needed to undergo a test. The results shook us to the core. It was detected that Sonakshi has a heart defect while Devansh is born a healthy child. The doctors said that she will need heart surgery within a few months as my baby was too weak to undergo surgery at that time. And here we are, asking for your help, so we can save our baby”-

said Mrs. Archana Patole, Sonakshi’s mother.

Sonakshi Patole, a 9 month old from Pune, Maharashtra, is suffering from Atrioventricular Septal Defect, a complex heart defect.

Sonakshi was diagnosed with Atrioventricular Septal Defect when she was just a newborn baby. Her parents had a tough time accepting the fact that their child is born with a heart defect. Doctors, after her birth, informed the parents that Sonakshi will need to undergo heart surgery in a few months. She has been struggling to breathe since she was born. Often, wheezing sounds are heard from her chest and she cries frequently with pain. The little girl can only express her hurt and pain by crying and it is heart-wrenching to see her in that condition.

Her parents took her to Aims Hospital and Research Centre, Pune for treatment. The doctors have suggested an urgent Total Correction Heart Surgery as a part of her treatment. The estimated cost of which is Rs. 5,85,000/- (Rupees Five Lakhs Eighty Five Thousand Only). This surgery is the only way Sonakshi can live a healthy life. But the amount is beyond the Patole family’s financial capabilities. They need your support to bring their daughter back home.

“I am the sole earner in my family of five. I work as a daily wage farm labourer and earn up to Rs. 300/- per day. Do you think with this minimal income, I will be able to pay the huge sum of the money that is required for Sonakshi’s surgery? My elder daughter Anandi, who is six has Thalassemia. She also is struggling to live a healthy life. I have to look after her monthly blood transfusions as well. I want to see my children living healthy lives. That is the only thing I ask from God but it feels like he is merciless. You are my only hope left, please help me save my daughter.”  -Mr. Lakhan Patole (Father)

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₹ 5,85,000

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