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Woes Aplenty in Soban’s Life, Please Save Him from Misery

“Ever since my son was one-year-old he has lived his life in complete dread and misery. The cyst has continued to torment him. I would have given up anything to save him, but the world doesn’t work that way. He is my only child, and I can’t bear to see him in such a condition”-

Mohd Sajid ; (Father)

For four years, Soban has been living in utter torment and pain. He has been diagnosed with Multiple metastasis and Carcinoma cystic, which has plagued his days with intense and gruelling stomach pain.

According to the doctors at Uttarakhand’s Jeevan Jyoti Hospital (10.7 km from Haridwar Ayurvedic Medical College And Research Centre), Soban needs to undergo surgery for both disorders. The cost of the treatment will be Rs 7,00,000/- (Rupees Seven Lakhs Only).

Soban’s Father, Mohd Sajid, is the sole breadwinner in his family of three. Mohd Sajid is a daily wage labourer, who lives with his family in a rented house. He hasn’t been able to start his son’s treatment because of his financial condition.

Until now, Mohd Sajid has been buying medication to relieve some of his son’s pain. But he needs to undergo treatment as soon as possible.

Please lend a helping hand to Soban and donate to save him from misery. Even if you can’t donate, a share would be helpful as well.

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₹ 7,00,000

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