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Eleven-Month-Old Siddharth Needs Your Help to Survive. Save Him!

“An anonymous person might have left Siddharth at our doorstep at night a few months ago. We have no idea. But we found him when he was just a newborn. And since then, we decided to take care of him. We have been trying with lots of difficulties to get him the right treatment. Months later, we finally have a solution for his disease but are facing extreme financial crises. I have 50 other children to look after and I do not want to neglect any of them, not even for a single moment. This boy has come to our shelter, and we want to save him and raise him. Please help us, it’s not his fault that he is born with a disease; he needs a chance at life.”-

Mrs. Simran ; (Owner, Miracle Charitable Society)

It is said that children are God’s gift, and they make everything better around them. But here we have a child who has nothing but a dreadful disease and unfortunate circumstances around him.

Siddharth is an eleven-month-old orphan staying at Miracle Charitable Society, Faridabad, Haryana who is suffering from Cervical Meningomyelocele with Chiari and Holocord Syrinx. It is a rare congenital spinal condition where a fluid bag is growing on the upper part of the spine. It is extremely painful, and it keeps increasing causing lesser chances of the baby’s survival. Siddharth was brought to the child care shelter when he was a few days old.

The childcare shelter took the responsibility of providing the required treatment for Siddharth and has been approaching hospitals for his treatment. Siddharth has been consuming medicines even before he started having regular baby food. He suffers from severe cough and cold frequently. All this little angel can do is cry to express the unbearable pain he is going through. Currently, his treatment is being carried on at Amrita Hospital, Haryana. The doctors have proposed surgical excision and untethering of cervical meningomyelocele of the tumour as a part of the treatment. The estimated cost of the treatment is Rs. 1,60,900/- (Rupees One Lakh Sixty Thousand and Nine Hundred only). This angel needs a chance at life, he needs your generosity and love to survive. Any amount, no matter big or small, will be helpful.

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₹ 1,60,900

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