14-year-old Shruthi required Renal Replacement Surgery to get recover from end-stage of Renal Disease





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14-year-old Shruthi required Renal Replacement Surgery to get recover from end-stage of Renal Disease

“Whenever I look at my daughters, I can see their smiling faces and the bond of love they share. I tend to forget that Shruthi is fighting from a rare disease. My eyes tear up when I feel that I am unable to afford the money for her surgery, I might never see that smiling little face again. We might never get those happy moments that used to cheer us up.”
- Vijayalaxmi, Shruthi's Mother.

Due to the chronic kidney disease with end-stage renal disease, 14-year-old Shruthi is battling with her life.

Shruti was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease with end-stage renal disease. In which the kidneys filter waste and excess fluid from the blood. As kidneys fail, waste builds up. Presently the Shruti is undergoing dialysis every week in Owaisi Hospital, Chandrayangutta, Hyderabad under Aarogya Sree policy of the government. If the Child Help Foundation commits for her, then STAR Hospitals will give an appointment for the replacement surgery.

The cost estimated by the doctor is Rs. 8, 60, 000/- (Eight lacs sixty thousand only). And a tentative date for her surgery is 11th July 2019.

Uma Mahesh (Father) is a collection agent in the medical field by profession who is the bread sole winner of the family and earns Rs.8,000 per month for his family consisting of 4 members. Vijayalaxmi (Mother) need to look after Shruti for the dialysis and to their younger child Trisha. Till date, they have liquidated all their savings. Despite their unstable financial condition, Uma Mahesh and Vijayalaxmi did everything in their power to continue their daughter's treatment, but the cost of it is unimaginable for these poor parents.

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Shruthi parents always live in constant fear of losing their daughter. It is painful to see a once active, fun-loving girl now running away from people and trembling in pain all day.

Crowdfunding is their only hope, and they're waiting desperately for your help.

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