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Shaik Khaja needs your help to undergo Haploidentical BMT Transplant

“Our son was only 6 months old when he began his battle for life. It is very painful to see him struggle in pain while receiving blood transfusions in the hospital bed. We hardly make enough to keep the house running and arranging such a huge amount is impossible. Please help us to save our son's life and lead him to a regular and pain free life”-

Mr Karimulla Shaik ; (Father)

Shaik Khja is a 14 year old son of Mr Karimulla Shaik and Mrs Jarina Shaik. They hail from Prakasam, Andhra Pradesh.The family's only breadwinner, Mr. Karimulla Shaik (father), sells vegetables to support his family and earns around Rs 10,000/- every month (Rupees Ten Thousand Only).When Khaja was six months old, his parents noticed that he wasn't feeling well so to find out what was wrong with their baby, Khaja's parents took him to the nearest hospital for immediate care.

The doctor suggested the parents take Khaja to Mother and Child Hospital, Hyderabad to have a clear perspective. After a certain scan and test Khaja was diagnosed with Thalassaemia, an inherited condition that affects a substance in the blood called hemoglobin. The doctors informed the parents that Khaja would require blood transfusions every 10 to 15 days until he receives a transplant of Haploidentical BMT (aggressive iron Chelation and pre transplant immunosuppression chemotherapy in view of high iron overload).

The transplant estimated cost is Rs 35,00,000/- (Rupees Thirty Five Lakhs Only). Khaja is currently receiving treatment at Chennai's Rela Hospital to lower the amount of iron in his liver while also awaiting a transplant. The parents have arranged a family donor for their son's transplant, but they are unable to raise such a huge amount to save their son's life. Please help them.

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50% Tax Exemption under 80(G)

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Shaikh Khaja would be getting admitted on the 5th Jan 2023,for his Chemotherapy.

₹ 35,00,000

(As per Indian Government Mandate)

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Rela Hospital, Chennai

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Shaik Khja  

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