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Help 2-year-old Sarafaraz Survive Abdominal Distension, a Rare Disease.

“Sarfaraz is our only child; we celebrated his birthday on the 27th of August, and we were so happy. But our happiness didn’t last. He started to fall sick the next day, he started vomiting, and he had a high fever. We got apprehensive and took him to the hospital, where we found out that our little boy had this rare issue with his abdomen, and his stomach started swelling. I got petrified; seeing my son like this broke my heart. He is my only child, and he is only 2; he is too small to bear that pain. I feel so helpless”

Mrs Sheiksameera Begum (Mother)

Sarafaraz Badar is a 2-year-old son of Mr. Sadat Ansari and Mrs. Sheikhsameera Begum. The family of three lives in Hyderabad, Telangana. The family lived a very simple and happy life, they were excited to celebrate Sarfaraz’s second birthday, but immediately after his birthday, a loom of sadness took over. Sarfaraz fell violently ill; he started puking and had incredibly high fevers, he also had loose motions, and his iron deficiency kept going down. The family got really worried and rushed him to a local hospital. When they found no answers, the parents took Sarfaraz to Sowmya Hospital in Hyderabad.

There, Sarfaraz was diagnosed with Abdominal distension since the infantile period. Abdominal distension is abnormally swollen outward, and it can happen due to bloating from gas, or it can be due to accumulated fluid, tissue, or digestive contents. It can be chronic or acute. Sarfaraz is in a lot of pain. The doctors have advised the treatment in two stages - first, a colostomy and second, a Biopsy of the Rectum and colon followed by second surgery of closure and colostomy; pull through the procedure. The little boy is in a lot of pain, and even medications are not helping him. The estimated cost of the procedure is Rs. 4,00,000/- (Rupees Four Lakh Only). The amount is too hefty for the parents to afford. And because they had no money, they had no option other than to bring Sarfaraz home. And the father, Mr. Sadat, earns barely enough to manage the household. Little Sarfaraz needs your help; Please donate!

“I work as a salesman in the market, and I earn some Rs.10,000/- a month, most of which goes into paying our house rent and the rest in the ration. We barely manage our household; how can we arrange for so much money in such little time. My son is suffering so much; his abdomen is swollen, he can’t eat or sleep, and we, as parents, feel helpless. I don’t know what I can do; I want my son to be okay. Please, help us, help my son. Please, Donate “.

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