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Sana is a 14 year old girl is suffering from Acute Myloid Leukemia. Please support her treatment.....

“Sana has been hospitalized since a long time and is desperate to return home. She feels very annoyed on seeing medicines and syringes. She keeps talking about her siblings and the beautiful time spent with them. She wants to go home very soon as she misses her siblings and playing with them. We can’t see our daughter in pain and want her to recover soon. We try to cheer her but all our efforts are in vein. Please help us save our child.” -

Ms. Pyarima Shaikh ; (mother)
Sana is a 14 year old girl from Matunga, Mumbai. Her father, Mr. Faizan Shaikh washes vehicles for a living and her mother, Mrs. Pyarima is a housewife. Sana is the eldest sibling and has 2 younger siblings; her brother sameer is 12 and her sister Saba is 9.

A few days back, Sana had suffered high fever which did not reduce even after treatments and medications. She was then admitted in a nearby hospital for her treatment. Her fever reduced and she was discharged from the hospital. After her discharge, Sana experienced severe stomachache. She was admitted in Shushrusha hospital. Her blood tests were done. Her test reports showed that she was suffering from blood cancer. Her treatment started immediately in Shushrusha hospital, Dadar. She has to undergo 6 months of Chemotherapy that would cost Rs. 18, 00,000/- (Rupees eighteen lakh only).

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50% Tax Exemption under 80(G)

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Supporting Documents


Sana will be going to hospital in the next week for follow up.


Sana is discharged from hospital. Her next visit date is not fixed.


Sana is admitted in hospital for her chemotherapy.


Sana Shaikh is still in the hospital regards to her Chemotherapy.


"Sana Shaikh is in the General ward ,2nd floor,Bed number 202 - D - Shushrusha Citizens Co-operative Hospital, Dadar East."

₹ 18,00,000

(As per Indian Government Mandate)

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Shushrusha citizen’s co-operative

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