3-year-old Sagar require PDA device closure to get treated from the heart defect.





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3-year-old Sagar require PDA device closure to get treated from the heart defect.

"For the last four months, my baby has been suffering terribly. The medicines he needs to get better are so expensive that, we don’t even have any savings left with us. I look at his little face as he cries out in pain, and I get reminded of all those happy moments we spent together as a family. I wait for those days to come back, but all I see a fear of losing my son"
- Kailas, Sagar's Father

Baby Sagar is a 3-year-old boy from Jategaon, Ahmednagar.

Ganesh is a happy child with an innocent smile on his face. But at his age, this little one has been through a lot of pain. At the age of 2 months, he was continuously suffering from cold, and respiration problem. When Ganesh was addressed at the district government hospital, he was diagnosed with 3.1 mm PDA with the left to right shunt with a gradient of 57mm Hg.

His parents got totally shattered and further shifted him to Sahyadri Hospital at Pune for his treatment. They have a fear of losing Sagar if funds are not raised on time.

Sagar father, Mr. Kailas doesn’t have a stable job and work as labor on daily wages.

His meager income sometimes can't even fulfill the family with a one time meal. And whatever little savings he had, he has already spent it on Sagar's diagnosis. However, the PDA device closure for his son is costing him around Rs.1,50,000/- (One Lakh Fifty Thousand Only). Deep in debt, both the parents are not in a condition to arrange the cost for the surgery without any help.

But you can help Little Sagar to get a better life.

03-year-old Sagar is in urgent need of a PDA device closure but his poor family can’t afford the treatment. You can make a small contribution to bringing back the lost smiles on the faces of little Sagar and his parents.

Our support will give their son a new life.

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