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Lila Prasad Needs Your Help to Fight Against a Heart Defect!

“My elder son, Lila, is such a responsible boy. He is in his teenage years, and yet he takes such good care of the house, and his younger sister and is brilliant in his studies. However, it is true that those who are both innocent and responsible suffer the most. My son has a heart defect that needs a surgery, but what to do when we don’t have the money to afford it? Earlier, when his symptoms showed up, we thought they were normal cough fits and neglected them. But now we understand, what a big mistake we made. Would you care to help us save our son?  Please?”-

Mr. Narayannraopet kanakaiah ; (Father)

Lila Prasad is the elder son of Mr. Narayannraopet Kanakaiah and Mrs. Narayannraopet Dhanalaxmi from Andhra Pradesh. As a child, Lila would fall sick frequently and he used to suffer from severe colds and coughs. His parents thought that it was a regular cough and gave homemade medicines to him. A few years later, his health declined severely, and a few tests diagnosed Lila with a complex heart defect. He is 17 years old now and is currently taking treatment at the Apollo Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Hyderabad. The doctors have proposed AV canal repair along with permanent pacemaker implantation. It is a complex heart surgery that is worth Rs. 5,50,000/- (Rupees Five Lakh Fifty Thousand Only).

“My wife and I work as farm labourers and earn Rs. 600/- a day, collectively. This income is not enough to meet the ends of our family of six. We have borrowed money to pay for Lila’s ongoing medications. I'm not sure how we'll pay it back or afford a surgery that is both expensive and necessary. Please help us, any amount donated will take us near to our goal.” -Mr. Narayannraopet kanakaiah (father)

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₹ 5,50,000

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