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Help 11-Year-Old Prabhas Get the Needed Surgery to Live a Pain Free Childhood!

“We always thought that our son Prabhas's immune system is weak and that's why he keeps catching colds frequently. Until three years ago, before discovering that he was diagnosed with a medical condition, we thought regular medications would cure him. Poor child kept complaining about his throat and ear pain, but we always neglected thinking it would get better with time. I feel guilty now to have done that to my son. Doctors say only surgery can help him, but we don’t have that much money to afford it.”-

Mr. Mahender Rodda ; (Father)

11-year-old Prabhas is the elder son of Mr. Mahender Rodda and Mrs. Madhavi Rodda from Andhra Pradesh. Prabhas was diagnosed with Adenoidectomy Endoscopic, in 2019. The condition is similar to tonsils that are located behind the nose and causes a host of issues. This causes Prabhas immense pain in the throat and ear. He cannot eat regularly on most of the days because of the pain and it bleeds quite often. Prabhas has been taking treatment in Sowmya Children’s Hospital, Hyderabad for a few weeks.

The doctors have suggested a surgical intervention along with ICU stay, as a part of Prabhas’s treatment. The estimated cost of the treatment is Rs. 1,50,000/- (Rupees One Lakh FiftyThousand only). With time medical, expenses have exhausted the Rodda family’s savings. Please help them in their difficult times.

“I work as a delivery agent and earn a minimum income per month. It barely supports the monthly expenses of our family that consists of four members. A big amount from my income goes into paying the rent of the house that we live in. Among all these difficulties, I have been struggling to provide my child with the necessary treatment. I can’t see him struggling every day, I just want to see him live a pain free life. Please help us arrange the funds.” -Mr. Mahender Rodda (father)

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