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Child is suffering from blood cancer. | Please save her life...

“My 2 and half years old daughter, Parimita is very curious and asks many questions. From how birds fly to how the television works, she never stops to express her curiosity. But now, when she lies in the hospital bed and undergoes chemotherapy, her questions make me cry. She wants me to explain to her why she comes to hospital so often and why does my husband keep crying.”

Ms.Dipali; Mother of Parimita

Parimita has been battling Acute Leukaemia since August last year. Little Parimita suffered from a terrible fever 6 months ago. But what worried Anand and Dipali was their daughter's swollen body. When they took her to the doctors, they started treating her for infections. But Parimita's pain got worse. After undergoing numerous tests in different hospitals, Anand and Dipali found that Parimita has blood cancer called Acute Leukaemia.

“My little girl has lost all interest in the things that she once loved to do. She used to love drawing random things on our walls. Now she can hardly keep her eyes open for long. She loved to eat chocolates and chips, but if she eats much she starts to throw up. Cancer has also made her stubborn and irritable. If we don’t fulfill her demands she begins throwing things and starts crying. But when I see the pain on her face, all I want is to save her at any cost.”

Mr.Anand; Father of Parimita

Anand is an electrician from Kolhapur, Maharashtra. He used to work with building contractors but due to the frequent hospital visits he is unable to continue working full time, his income is never fixed and he earns around 4000 to 5000 per month. But for the past 6 months, Anand has to stay near Parimita her cancer-ridden daughter and hasn’t been able to work. The poor parents have already spent Rs 2 lakhs on Parimita's treatment. They desperately want to save their daughter from cancer. But after being jobless for 6 months, the father has no means to arrange 6 lakhs for his daughter's treatment. If little Parimita doesn’t get the treatment soon, she will succumb to her cancer.

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