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This 4th Surgery Can Save Little Hasnain’s Life. Help Him!

“I can not express in words how much in pain I am right now. I have to see my son undergoing surgery after surgery and yet, he is hooked to the hospital bed. I am the sole breadwinner in my family of four. I worked as a welder in Maharashtra but because we were to get Hasnain treated here in Kerala, I had to leave my job and sell my house for money. We live on rent here which is Rs. 10,000/- per month. I do not get work here every day, whenever I do, I get a minimum wage. Which is nothing compared to the expenses I have to bear right now. How is this situation fair to us? Why is God so merciless? My son’s life is in your hands now, please save him.” -

-Mr. Mohammad Mumtaz Mohammad Jalil (Father)

It is painful to see your son lying on the bed unable to move, but it is more painful when you know you are doing everything you can to help him, but nothing changes.

Four-year-old Mohammad Hasnain from Maharashtra is suffering from Midface Hypoplasia. His mother, Mrs. Afreen Parveen Mohammad Mumtaz could hardly speak between sobs while telling his situation, she said- “Hasnain was a playful child. He would run around filling the house with his cheerful laughter. Until one day, our world came crashing down, when we learned that he was diagnosed with a rare disease. When he was two, we noticed that Hasnain was not able to see correctly. Often, he used to run into a wall or a pole while walking. Worried, we showed him to a doctor who recommended taking him to a hospital. We did so and the doctors diagnosed him with a disease which I cannot even pronounce. Our lives are devastated, and we have been living in different places in the country like nomads for our son’s treatments.

He has undergone three surgeries since 2021 but his condition does not improve, it just keeps getting worse. God knows when he will have mercy on our son and free him from this dreadful situation.

Mohammad Hasnain was diagnosed with Midface Hypoplasia with severe Obstructive Airway Crouzon Syndrome. It is a situation in which the upper jaw, cheekbones and eye sockets have not grown as much as the rest of the face. His skull bone does not grow regularly which results in compressing the nerves. This obstructs the functioning of the nerves. His eyesight was weak when he was two, gradually, this condition restricted Hasnain’s other body functions too. He faced difficulty walking without any support. His respiratory system was affected and now he cannot eat his food properly. Hasnain has undergone three facial surgeries so far for the regular growth of his facial structure and nerve functioning. He needs the fourth surgery- Craniofacial Procedure A, to correct the deformity.

Currently, he is admitted to Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi, Kerala for treatment. The estimated cost of the treatment is Rs. 4,91,600/- (Rupees Four Lakhs Ninety One Thousand and Six Hundred Only). The family had to sell everything they owned for the three surgeries that Hasnain has undergone so far. And yet, the fourth surgery demands another sum of money which can save their loving son’s life. Alas, they are helpless and need your love and support. Please help Hasnain and save him.

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Supporting Documents


Mohd ubaid has his next Hospital visit tentatively after 2 months.


Hasnain has travalled to his Hometown, His surgery is planned in October.


Hasnains outer rod will be trimmed now, and later during time of surgery the full rod will be removed.

₹ 4,91,600

(As per Indian Government Mandate)

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Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences

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Mohammad Hasnain  

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