Help Kanhaiya to get treated with PDA Device Clouser.





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Help Kanhaiya to get treated with PDA Device Clouser.

Kanhaiya is 1 year and 6 months old baby from Uttar Pradesh. He was born as a part of normal delivery at Government hospital. At the age of 6 months, he suffered from Pneumonia. So the parents took the child to a local hospital. The doctor prescribed some medicines and advised them to take the Echo, the doctor referred them to go to Kamaljeet Health Care Centre.

The parents along with the child visited Kamaljeet and on detailed Echo evaluation, it was revealed that the child has a heart problem and he needs surgery. There is no facility, so the doctor advised the parents to go to a bigger hospital in Delhi or Chandigarh. The parents along with the child visited PGI Hospital at Chandigarh and on detailed evaluation, it was revealed that the child needs surgery.

Since the treatment was expensive and parents could not afford the cost of treatment, therefore the surgery could not be done. So they came back home. After that, the parents went to Government Hospital, Saharanpur, where Dr. Monika was working as a doctor. She counseled the parents of his child’s problem. She told to the parents that her child will be helped through the Child Help Foundation and the surgery will be free of cost.

Dr. Monika referred the case to RBSK. RBSK referred the case to Fortis CSR Foundation and send the documents for supporting the surgery of the child. Kanhaiya along with parents visited FMRI, Gurgaon and after detailed ECHO evaluation, it is revealed that the child will need surgery PDA Device Closure. The cost estimated for the surgery is Rs. 98,000/- (Ninety Eight Thousand Only).

Pinki Kumar (Father) is working as a daily laborer. His monthly income is about Rs.3,500/- per month, and he is the only earning member of the family of 4. Their financial condition of the family does not allow them to afford the cost of the surgery therefore, the family is looking forward to the support under the Umeed –Dhadkan initiative.

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