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Thalassemia Major has caged Huzefa's life! Help him get an urgent Bone Marrow Transplant.

“Life is so unfair to Huzefa. He has seen nothing but hospitals all his life. He is weak and cannot live a regular life. I have done everything to afford the expensive treatment of Huzefa so far. Now I am losing hope as the amount is too big for us. Please, please help us!” -

Mr. Ajmal Khan ; (Father)

Huzefa, a 11-year-old boy has been visiting the hospital for treatment all his life. His parents, Mr. Ajmal Khan and Mrs. Raziya Khan received the heart-breaking news of Huzefa's diagnosis of Thalassemia Major when he was just half a year old. They had no idea what the disease was and its cure.

When Huzefa was six-months-old, his parents noticed that his skin looked pale, he constantly had a high fever and used to cry frequently. When taken to a local hospital, after a few check- ups Huzefa was diagnosed with Thalassemia Major. The doctors advised an immediate blood transfusion. Since then, Huzefa has been visiting the hospital every two months for blood transfusions.

During the year 2021, Huzefa's condition worsened and now has been getting blood transfusions every 15 days. His parents took him to Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra for treatment. The doctors suggested a stem cell transplant. Fortunately, Huzefa and his elder brother Anas make a 100% HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen, responsible for the regulation of the immune system) match. Hence, they have a donor.

Huzefa needs an urgent stem cell transplant but the estimated cost of it is Rs. 10,50,000/- (Rupees Ten lakhs Fifty Thousand Only). Mr. Ajmal Khan and his family live in Jalgaon, Maharashtra. He works at a construction site and earns up to Rs. 17,000/- per month. Mr. Ajmal is the sole breadwinner in the family of five. The family has used all their savings for Huzefa's blood transfusions. They are in debt as they borrowed a huge amount of money from their friends and relatives.

Please help the family in distress and save their son, Huzefa.

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Supporting Documents


Huzefa would be Visiting the Hospital on the 1st of November to meet his Treating Doctor.


Huzefa would be Visiting the Hospital on the 1st of November to meet his Treating Doctor.


Huzefa's parents not responding to call right now.


Huzefa's next date is given as 15th of October.


Huzefa's next date is given as 15th of October.


Huzefa's next date is given as 15th of October.


Huzefa is waiting to visit mumbai as they are looking for accomodation Mumbai.


Huzefa has his visit by this week.


Huzefa's visit is in 1st week of August as they are looking for residence in Mumbai .


Huzefa is visiting the hospital next week.


Huzefa's date of Surgery will be confirmed after 10th of July.


Huzefa is at Home on Medications.


Huzefa had his blood transfusion done.


Huzefa has his blood transfusion on 15th of June.


Blood transmission is going on after every 15 days, once fund is arranged, then doctors will operate her / waiting for funds / expected surgery at June end.

₹ 10,50,000

(As per Indian Government Mandate)

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