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Four-Year-Old Silenced by a Rare Disease, Please help Hridya live a normal life

“My heart longs to hear my daughter, but her illness has robbed her speaking skills. She can only communicate with gestures, and she has to struggle for every single breath. It pains to see my daughter have to live like this. But there is a chance for her to live a normal life, but it comes with a huge price, which I can’t. Please help my daughter live a fulfilling life.”-

Sunil Kumar ; (Father)

If you visit Hridya’s house in Kerala, you will find her mother, Shala, taking care of her, and ensuring she lacks for nothing. She talks to her to express her love, but Hridya doesn’t. It is because her condition has silenced her. Hridya has been diagnosed with ‘Right TMJ Ankylosis’. Right TMJ Ankylosis is a pathological condition where the jaw is fused by bony or fibrotic tissues. It leads to limitations in speaking, breathing and chewing.

Doctors at the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre in Kerala have suggested ‘Right Mandibular distractor placement’, which will help her live a normal life. But this procedure costs Rs 1,04,000/-(Rupees One Lakh Four Thousand).

Hridya’s father, Sunil works as a painter and earns a daily wage. He barely makes enough to put meals on the table for his family of four. He has no way of raising such a huge sum of money on his own.

Your kindness is the only hope for Hridya. Please donate as much as you can for Hridya. Each donation can go a long way in helping her live a stable life.

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50% Tax Exemption under 80(G)

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Hridya's surgery is postponed,Tentatively date would be decieded next Month - April.


Hridya's surgery is postponed,Tentatively date would be decieded next Month - April.


Hridya's surgery is postponed.


Hridya sunil would be getting admitted on the 23rd March and on the 24th March ,would be undergoing a Minor Surgery.

₹ 1,04,000

(As per Indian Government Mandate)

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Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre – Kochi, Kerala, India

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403/ 404, Sai Arpan, near P.G. Vora school, Joggers Park Rd, Mira Road, Maharashtra 401107

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