Help Faizan to get treated with PDA Device Closure for his heart defect.





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Help Faizan to get treated with PDA Device Closure for his heart defect.

Master Faizan is a 7-month-old boy from Alwar. From birth, he was on medication as he continuously suffered from cold, cough and severe breathing problems. As shared by father the day he does not consume medicines, he becomes restless and takes very deep breaths which makes him weak. Thus the family regularly visited the local doctors from the last seven months.

In the month of March they consulted cardiologist at Sikar, the doctor diagnosed his heart problem and suggested to seek tertiary care from Fortis Jaipur. On 2nd April 2019, the family consulted Pediatric Cardiologist, where he has been diagnosed with Patent ductus arteriosus, Small fossa ovalis ASD, Dilated LA/LV, therefore he has been recommended for PDA Device Closure. The cost estimated for his surgery is Rs. 95,000/ (Ninety-Five Thousand Only).

Samun (Father) is a construction laborer in Sikar, he gets about 15 days work every month, however during monsoon season does not get any work. As reported since he does not have any other work he sits at home till the time he gets another construction work. Sometimes he is forced to borrow money from money lenders on interest. They live in an inherent family pucca house. The entire family is completely dependent on his income, they do not hold any farming land.

Faizan is a happy and playful child, he loves to play with both of his sisters who are 8 and 6 years of age. Along with Nasim (Mother) feed, he sometimes likes to eat biscuits. The family is unable to support the case and hence seeks support under Umeed Dhadkan Initiative.

How you can contribute?

Faizan's parents always live in constant fear of losing their son. It is painful to see an active, fun-loving child now trembling in pain all day. One contribution from your end can help her to reunite with her family and live healthy and happy.

Kindly also share the fundraiser with your family and friends and help them to reach the goal. We will be grateful for your help!

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