Help Baby Durva who is suffering from Congenital Heart Disease





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Help Baby Durva who is suffering from Congenital Heart Disease

"Just 4 days after her birth, we came to know that my child is carrying some defect in her heart. We couldn’t help but, our dream of a healthy and joyous future for our baby was totally shattered. However, our happiness was tragically short-lived. After delivering a girl child she soon needs to undergo various injection and incubation before I exchange my warmness with her cold body. "
- was a statement shared by Pramodini Rathod, Durva's Mother.

Gajanan and Pramodini did not even think that it turns out something serious.

Baby Durva was diagnosed with Congenital Heart Disease. It is a type of defect that blocks the flow of the blood from the right atrium to the right ventricle due to which the body doesn't get enough oxygen. For the next 4 months, she was under observation in 3 different hospitals. Within just two weeks after admission in the hospital for her observation and treatment, Mr. Gajanan Rathod, Durva's Father was left empty-handed.

For more than a month, my wife has sacrificed her sleep and constantly look after Durva's health. For us, nothing is greater than saving our daughter, and we are willing to do anything to save her. But we have no one to turn to now. - Gajanan Rathod, Durva's Father.

Within a month, they have dissolved all their savings. They have already spent Rs. 1,00,000/- (One Lakh) for Durva's earlier diagnosis and treatment. Even the relatives have extended all their limits and helped them. Now, there is nobody to help them. In this situation arranging another cost of Rs. 2, 40, 000/- (Rupees Two Lakhs Forty Thousand Only) for their daughter surgery seems to be something impossible for both the parents. Their daughter will never get a normal childhood if they don't get any support from us.

How you can lighten their burden?

For Little Durva, money has become a monumental hurdle for her parents who are now left with nothing and cannot afford the treatment any longer. Durva's Family needs your support so that she can get cured of the defect in her heart.

We request you to kindly contribute to her treatment and help them during their time of need. Each contribution is important! Kindly also share the fundraiser with your family and friends and help them to reach the goal.

Only your help can give her a new life.

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