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The baby girl was diagnosed with Congenital Heart disease in the 5 months of pregnancy itself | Please save her life...

“She was endangered to life even before her existence in this world. She is the love of my life and I cannot imagine my world without her. Please help me, so that we can have our daughter in our lives.”

Vidhya Tayde (Mother of Child).

The baby girl was diagnosed with Congenital Heart disease in the 5 months of pregnancy itself. The baby’s fate was decided even before being born. Through sonography, the doctors were able to identify multiple complications related to the baby’s heart and was suggested to undergo three operations. Baby girl was born on 23rd June 2019 and she underwent the 1st surgery (Open-heart Surgery) on 1st July 2019 at Wadia Hospital and parents spent around Rs. 2.8 lakhs. The 2nd surgery will be on the 18th of August 2020. Estimated amount for the same is Rs. 4 lakhs. The 3rd surgery is to be done, when she completes 5 years. She is the only child of the family. Mr. Sachin Tayde (father of the baby) works as a housekeeper with a meagre income of just Rs. 5,800/- per month. It is a very difficult time for the family. He is trying his best to raise the designated amount for the upcoming surgeries but he alone cannot achieve this goal. He needs your support and prayers to save the baby girl. Please give a chance to the baby girl to live.

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