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Baby 1 and Baby 2 female was born preterm twins at 33 week Gestational age on 18.09.2020 in this hospital and is currently admitted in NICU. Both babies have severe sepsis, pneumonia and on ventilator support with first baby have GI bleed and second baby developing pneumothorax | Please save there life...

“I have not even seen my wife or my babies’ face after their birth and now my babies will never know their mother. I am in constant denial that this is happening to my family. All I ever wanted is my family to be safe and healthy and now we are all alone, fighting with all we have. But we need help. Please help me save my family and baby girls whom I want safe, out of crisis and healthy.”

Shinoj Muraleedharan (Father of the twins).

Shinoj Muraleedharan, father of the twin babies, works as a carpenter. He earned on a daily basis, because of this ongoing pandemic he is struggling to earn. He is the only earning person of the family of six members (He, wife, his father & mother and newly born babies).

Along with all the financial struggles he is also suffering from a disease, Systemic lupus erythematosus also known as SLE (where the immune system attacks its host tissues). SLE affects his kidneys proper workings, there is no cure for this but a constant precaution is necessary to keep the symptoms under control. His medicines cost Rs 1600 per week. The current severe pandemic situation affected his earning. He is helpless to afford the treatment and medication cost of babies. He has no support from anywhere, his family and his newborns are completely dependent on him.

His wife was admitted in ICU and tested COVID positive. She lost the battle of life and died due to pneumonia and COVID. The twins were born prematurely and are fighting for survival. One of the baby girls also tested COVID positive and is in NICU. Both the girls have severe sepsis, pneumonia and are on ventilator support. The baby girl who is fighting COVID is also suffering from GI bleeding. The second baby girl is developing a pneumothorax. Now both his children are fighting alone to survive this unimaginable situation.

Both girls need to be under intense care and the treatment will cost around 8 lakhs.

Father of the babies was trapped in a home quarantine along with his parents, had to be rushed to hospital upon hearing his wife’s death. The mother fought so long in this battle but she lost it to the COVID and pneumonia and now both her baby girls are fighting their own battle alone. The father wants to help them, support them and wants to be with them. But he is unable to do so. We cannot help him in giving the mental peace which he needs but we can help him financially and give him hope that everything will be alright.

This is a request to all parents, children and individuals to come forward and help this unfortunate father, who is submerged in pain and stress and wants his family healthy.

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