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Newborn Needs Your Help To Come Out Of The NICU!

“My wife Pooja, was in the 7th month of pregnancy, and naturally, I went forward with my daily job thinking that in a few months, we'll be a small happy family. Little did I know that in a few minutes, my world would turn upside down. I was driving, when I got a call that my wife was bleeding a lot. I was very worried, so I took her to a hospital where the doctors performed an immediate delivery. We were gifted with a little boy. But then the doctors told us about the repercussions of the delivery.” -

Mr. Rahul Singh ;(Father)

After the delivery was successful, the doctors informed Mr. Rahul that they’ll need to put his little boy on a ventilator support considering the prematurity. Because of the spontaneous delivery, it was discovered that the little baby’s lungs were not developed fully which made it impossible for him to breathe normally. Due to this complication, a NICU Surfactant Therapy was proposed as a part of the little boy’s treatment. Which estimates upto Rs. 2,50,000/- (Rupees Two Lakhs and Fifty Thousand Only).

“The doctors at Care Newborn & Child Hospital, Gurugram say that there is a fifty-fifty percent chance that my son will survive. They say that my son weighs too little and his respiration system is faulty. I had to inform my wife about it, who sobbed at each of my words. A few days ago, I was dreaming of a happy future, and now this. We are a small family. I’m a driver with an income of Rs. 12,000/- per month. How am I to pay for this expensive treatment?. We need your help to save my son who came into this world just 9 days ago and has been on ventilator support since then. Please save him.” - Mr. Rahul Singh, said while trying to hold his tears.

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₹ 2,50,000

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