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Born with Torment, Mamatha’s daughter seeks help

“When my wife told me I would be a father, my happiness was beyond the moon. My days were spent fantasizing about my future child. However, it all came crashing down when my wife went into labour before her due date. She gave birth to a girl, but I didn’t get a moment to hold her in my arms. She was quickly snatched away from me and placed in the NICU. You are the only hope for me right now. Please save my newborn girl.”-

Gangula Narsimma Reddy ; (Father)

4th January 2023 was a bittersweet day for Narsimma and Mamatha because on this day their child entered the world crying and squabbling. But the baby was born extremely premature and had to be placed in the NICU. They didn’t get a moment to hold their child in their arms. Doctors of Sowmya Children's Hospital in Hyderabad have put her on ventilator support.

The doctors have said that the baby’s treatment would require Rs 5,00,000/- (Rupees Five lakhs), and the baby needs an extended NICU stay. But the baby’s father, Narsimma is a mere vegetable vendor, and he only earns about Rs 9,000 per month. Adding to his miseries, he has to feed his family of four as well.

Narsimma and Mamatha have dreamed of becoming parents their entire lives, but now their dreams are crumbling down. Seeing their child in such distress has stabbed their hearts with a knife of grief. They can’t bear to look upon their child in such pain. Please be a superhero to this baby, and spare as much as you can for this little angel. Every donation can bring her one step closer to a life free from disease.

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Bo Mamatha  

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