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Born in Pain, Baby of Deepa Rani Seeks Your Help

“When my wife announced her pregnancy, we were in seventh heaven. Our days passed with daydreaming about our future child. We bought toys and brainstormed over names. Little did we know that dread was going to knock on our doors. Today, my son’s life hangs in the balance and I am powerless to do anything about it.”-

Aneesh ; (Father)

29th June 2023 was a bittersweet day for Aneesh and his wife Deepa Rani. On one hand, their baby entered the world, but on the other hand, the baby was born extremely weak and fragile. The baby has been confined to the hospital ever since, away from the comforting hugs of his parents.

The baby had to be delivered before the due date due to some health complications. The little angel relies on an oxygen mask for breathing and the doctors at Kims Health in Kerala have said the treatment would cost up to Rs 10,00,000/- (Rupees Ten Lakhs Only).

Aneesh and Deepa Rani have been waiting for a child ever since their marriage, and now it seems as if fate has played a cruel joke on them. Aneesh makes his living as a shopkeeper and is responsible for his family of four.

Aneesh has managed the expenses of treatment by getting help from friends and family members. But all his efforts are proving to be in vain. He is in need of your kindness and generosity. Please spare as much as you can for the little munchkin.

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50% Tax Exemption under 80(G)

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Supporting Documents


B/O Deepa is Currently in the Intensive care unit, Under Doctors Observation.


B/O Deepa is Currently in the Intensive care unit, Under Doctors Observation.


B/O Deepa is Currently in the Intensive care unit, Under Doctors Observation.

₹ 10,00,000

(As per Indian Government Mandate)

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Kims Health

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B/O Deepa Rani

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