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Barnali from Darjeeling Needs Your Help to Fight Spinal Deformity.

“My daughter’s posture keeps bending to one side. To see her suffer at this young age is very hard. Two years ago, the problem started and the doctors informed us about the problem. Since then, her situation has kept on worsening. Now they say that if an immediate surgery isn't performed, it would affect her kidney and heart as well. To hear these consequences, our world came crumbling down. We had to come to Bangalore a month ago for the surgery, and after all the checkups, the doctors have scheduled an immediate surgery. We are trying our best to arrange funds for her treatment but feel helpless as we are unable to collect the huge amount.”

Priti Mahanta, (Mother)

Barnali Mahanta is the 12-year-old daughter of Mr. Nayan Mahanta and Mrs. Priti Mahanta from Darjeeling, West Bengal. Life seemed normal just a while back as Barnali did well in her academics, which made the family hopeful for her future. But all that changed when the family noticed a bend in Barnali’s posture.

Worried, the parents took her to a hospital in their locality where the doctors performed a radiography, the results brought the family’s world crumbling down. The doctor informed them about the problem. Their little daughter was suffering from Left Dorsolumbar Kyphoscoliosis. After that, the family’s regular visits to the doctors began. They were advised to go to different hospitals but the family had to ignore all of it, alluding to the fact that they could not afford the hospital fee.

As time went by, Barnali's problem got worse, the parents were informed that an immediate surgery was needed, otherwise Barnali would face consequences that would affect her kidney and heart as well. The family was left with no alternatives, and had to come to Bangalore to admit their daughter in Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Hospital. At the hospital, the parents were informed about the seriousness of the scoliosis, and that only a spine surgery could help their little girl. The parents were shocked and heartbroken; the ground beneath their feet fell through in one sweep. The doctors have advised a Bilateral posterior deformity correction vertebral column resection and fusion, the estimated cost of which is Rs.6,00,000/- (Rupees Six Lakh Only).

“To hear the doctors say all those words makes no sense to me. I just know that my daughter needs to be saved from all these troubles. She is such an excellent child. What has she done to deserve this? Let alone the surgery, we cannot even go back to our village, because traveling there costs a fortune, and living here on rent takes all my husband’s income of Rs. 10,000 (Rupees Ten Thousand Only). We are stuck from all sides, and there are no options left. My daughter is 12-years-old and there has been no growth in her height, or weight, but the bend keeps increasing. We need help to save our little daughter. Our little family has been through a lot of struggle. We are too poor to do anything; neither can we avoid the problem, nor can we begin with it. Please help us. Only an intervention can help my little girl. It’s up to you now, to decide my daughter’s fate. Please.” - Priti Mahanta, Mother of Barnali.

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Barnali Mahanta  

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