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Baby Priyanka Rajkumar is undergoing lengthy and painful treatment (chemotherapy) | Please save her life...

“It is the worst suffering any parent could perceive, seeing their child suffer endlessly and there is nothing which I can do to help relieve the pain of their child. My baby of just above 5 years is in so much pain. I wish I could just take away her pain and sufferings.”

Shilpa (Mother of Baby Priyanka).

Baby Priyanka Rajkumar is 5 years and one month old. She was a very happy and playful child and one and a half months back baby Priyanka was diagnosed with Typhoid fever and as treatment, the doctor gave 10 days of injections and the baby was normal. After 10 days, again Baby. Priyanka complained about severe knee pains. Her parents took her to a nearby hospital- G.S Bhurle Hospital- Basava Kalyan (Bidar), and the Doctor asked the family for WBC checkup and Platelets for the baby. She was admitted to the hospital for 6 days. After severe complications, Dr Jadav (the doctor from G.S Bhurle Hospital) referred the baby to Dr Sirisha Rani at Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Hyderabad, for the further treatment process. The patient’s father, Mr Rajkumar Biradar, works as a farm labourer in Bidar District Huimnabad- Taluka in Karnataka. He earns a living working as a daily wage labourer ( farm labourer). Ever since his baby’s disease was diagnosed, he hasn’t taken even a day’s leave. He knows that every penny he loses will cause a serious threat to his precious daughter's life.
Her little hands that once clapped joyfully were pricked with injections and her excited giggles were replaced with loud cries.
Baby Priyanka Rajkumar is undergoing painful treatment for days, but she still has a long way to go to win over this deadly disease. As a permanent cure, she needs to go for lengthy and painful treatment (chemotherapy).
However, the poor parents are in no position to arrange Rs 10 lakh to save their baby’s life. For days, Rajkumar has been juggling from one place to another seeking help to save his little daughter. He has drained whatever little money that he had on the initial treatment and is left with nothing now.
Baby Priyanka Rajkumar is too young to bear so much pain. She deserves a better life, a normal life away from all the suffering, away from the deadly clutches of cancer. Her parents are in desperate need of funds to save their child.
It is a kind request to donate generously. The baby girl needs and deserves a normal life not a life with a constant fight.

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