Help Asmana who need to walk a mile for water, with a defect in her heart.





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Help Asmana who need to walk a mile for water, with a defect in her heart.

"Sometimes I feel so guilty that I cannot give the happy childhood to my daughter like other children. When we off to work Asmana looks after the household work, do her studies and walk a mile to fill the pot of water. We want to give her a healthy life from this dreadful disease. But we fear if the amount does not raise in the given time, we might lose her"
- Hujarabi, Asmana's Mother.

Asmana is a 12-year-old and elder daughter of Bashu (Father) and Hujarabai (Mother).

During health checkup in school, Asman was diagnosed with small PM VSD with a left to right shunt. It is a heart defect which creates a respiratory problem to a person while carrying out any physical activity. The cost estimated by the doctor for Pre and Post Operative treatment to cure this disease is
Rs. 1, 80, 000/- (One Lakhs Eighty Thousand Only).

The parents with a meager income on daily wages are struggling to get Asmana treated.

Both the parent's do labor work and earn a meager income to run the family of 5. Without any help, they would not be able to save their daughter if they cannot accumulate the cost in the given time. Her parents tried every possible way to meet the expenses, but all their efforts have gone in vain. Only your help can give her a new life.

How you can contribute?

Asmana is the elder child and has been growing up in the care with her family who loves her immensely. But Bashu and Hujarabi have no means to arrange the cost for Asmana's surgery. The estimated cost is beyond their means. A small contribution from your side can give Asmana a second chance of life.

Your support can save Asmana's life.

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