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Anjali’s Brave Battle Against Anorectal Malfunction, Please Help Her

“Every day, I have watched my little Anjali face challenges that would break anyone's spirit, but her determination amazes me. She's my source of strength, and I pray for a day when her pain will be replaced with laughter and joy.”-

Ramwati ; (Mother)

Anjali is a resilient ten-year-old girl who has been enduring a challenging journey since her birth. Anjali has been courageously fighting against an Anorectal Malfunction, a condition that has made her daily life a constant struggle.

Despite her immense pain and discomfort, she has continued her education, proving her unwavering determination. However, her condition has caused her low appetite, significant weight loss, and persistent weakness, turning even the simplest tasks into daunting challenges.

According to the medical experts at Uttar Pradesh’s Sukhsagar Hospital (2.8 km from Aligarh Railway Station), Anjali urgently requires a Colostomy Bypass, a procedure that comes with a price tag of Rs. 8,00,000/- (Eight Lakhs Only). The financial burden is overwhelming for her family.

Anjali's father, Prakash, works as a daily labourer, while her mother, Ramwati, toils in agriculture. The family of five thrives on a daily income of Rs. 450-600, and they have already borrowed money from friends and an NGO to cover Anjali's medical expenses.

We humbly ask for your support to help Anjali regain her health and happiness. Your kindness and compassion can help her on her journey to recovery.

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