Help 5-year-old Ananya to get cure from this dreadful disease.





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Help 5-year-old Ananya to get cure from this dreadful disease.

"It has been two years, none of us are living a happy life. Parigabai; my wife is always worried about the cost estimated by the doctor for Ananya's surgery. Months had gone by and our solution to the problem couldn't find a way. I am waiting to see the cheerful smile on my daughter's face, who is carrying a defect in her heart."
- Ganesh, Ananya's Father

We were rejoicing when Ananya was born but, after 48 hours she started to suffer from mild cold and fever. When Pediatric diagnosed her thoroughly it was detected, that Ananya was suffering from Bicuspid aortic valve with severe aortic stenosis, with PG 100 mm HG. Ganesh and Parigabai were left devastated after hearing this news. The medication could keep her alive but it is not the final option, and Ananya needs to undergo BPV surgery.

Labor worker is battling to raise money for his daughter.

Ganesh lives in a small village in Aurangabad with his wife and children. Each day he is worried about accumulating the cost for her daughter's surgery. As a labor worker, he has spent his savings already for the diagnosis and hospital admission. The doctor has estimated the cost of Rs. 1,25,000/- (One Lakh Twenty-Five Thousand Only) for her surgery.

How you can contribute?

Baby Ananya has just started her childhood and is suffering from a defect in her heart. Her parents are struggling to accumulate the cost estimated by the doctor for the surgery, without which she will not survive her affliction. One contribution from your end can help this 5-year-old to reunite with her family and live healthy and happy.

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