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A Farmer Calls for Help to Save His Son Fighting a Spinal Disease.

“Whenever we used to be at our farm together, my son, Aditya, would tap on my shoulder with his little hands and say, ‘Baba, don’t worry, when I grow up, I will buy more land and we will grow tonnes of crops and earn enough to build a big house.’ But now when I see my 12 year old son with his spinal deformity, I see all his dreams shattering. It breaks my heart to know that he needs a treatment that I cannot afford. We need your help, please support us.”-

Mr. Santosh Binnar ; (Father)

12-year-old Aditya hailing from Nashik, Maharashtra was diagnosed with Neurogenic Scoliosis in September 2022. His spine has developed an irregular curve and is bending towards his right side causing him pain and discomfort. He cannot do regular day to day activities or even walk properly. He has to miss school activities like sports or playtime. Currently, Aditya is going for regular checkups at Ashoka Medicover Hospital, Nashik, Maharashtra. The doctors have proposed a Scoliosis Deformity Correction surgery for Aditya. The estimated cost of the treatment is Rs. 6,50,000/- (Rupees Six Lakhs and Fifty Thousand Only).

Aditya’s parents Mr. Santosh and Mrs. Radha own a small piece of a farm where they practice seasonal farming. The current untimely rains washed away all their crops before harvesting leaving nothing to sell that could earn them money. They do not earn enough to support their monthly expenses let alone pay an amount that is in lakhs. Please help them to arrange the funds needed so they can save their son from this misery.

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₹ 6,50,000

(As per Indian Government Mandate)

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