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4-year-2months-old Abdul has to undergo Chemotherapy for blood cancer. Help to save his life.

“Just two weeks ago, we were under the impression that our small boy was going through a minor neck infection. But now, the doctors have said that he is suffering from blood cancer. The news came like a shock to my family. We still can’t believe that his swollen neck, which we took for a small infection, was actually caused by this blood cancer. There weren't even any other symptoms like coughing or something else. We have done regular check-ups since then but to no avail. The doctors have asked us to put Abdul in immediate chemotherapy.”

Mohammed Khaja Baba (Father)

Mohammed Abdul Mannan, a 4-year-2-months-old boy from Hyderabad had just finished nursery school. His family was excited about Abdul's future because his primary education was about to begin. But, a few weeks ago, they got worried seeing that Abdul’s neck had swollen. Confused by the swollenness, they didn't know what to make of it, because Abdul didn't show any other symptoms of an illness so big. They went to a regular hospital for a check-up where the doctors prescribed normal syrups and tonics. After a few days, when the syrups failed to show any signs of progress, the family went to the hospital again. This time, they put Abdul under a WBC test. The test showed the possibility of blood cancer. The family was devastated by the news, they couldn’t believe it when they saw the report.

The doctor advised them to take their little boy to a doctor at Rainbow Children’s Hospital, where they can begin their treatment. Aware that the treatment would cost them a fortune and in desperate need to save their little boy, the family went to the hospital. After a few examinations, the doctors informed the family that they would have to put Abdul in immediate Chemotherapy. As the initial check-ups for the required are done, the doctors await the treatment to begin. But the family is distressed by the fact that apart from the Chemotherapy, the cost of the blood products required during the entire treatment is Rs. 12,00,000/- (Rupees Twelve Lakhs Only).

“The treatment itself costs such a huge amount, how are we going to arrange that? We have another boy who is just 2 years older than Abdul, and half of my meagre income goes for his education. I earn only Rs. 15,000/- every month, I can’t even dream of arranging this amount. It is impossible for me. What am I gonna do? My wife sits at home hoping that I would come up with the huge sum, but what do I tell her? Please Help my little boy. I have begged the hospital and the doctors that I cannot arrange the fees, but that can’t continue. Please help me. Please. For the sake of God, please help me!” - Mr. Mohammed Khaja Baba, Abdul’s father.

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Abdul Mannan has been admitted to the hospital today morning as he was suffering from fever ,cold and cough.He is under observation by the concerned Doctors and as soon as he recovers from the present ailments, just planned for administrating the forth coming Chemotherapy procedure.

₹ 12,00,000

(As per Indian Government Mandate)

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Mohammed Abdul Mannan  

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