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“Coronaviruses is an infectious disease of a large family of viruses that cause sickness altering from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). This has been attributed as the greatest war against an invisible enemy across the world. It has destabilized the Economy of Countries and Lives of Individuals to an extent that will take a very long time to recover. As of 26th March 2020, 510,645 people are infected out of which 23,028 are dead(including kids and elderly).”

Countries like China, Italy, USA and Spain have been massively hit by the virus. The Indian Government and State Government has taken adequate steps to prevent the spread of the virus by announcing a lockdown across the countrywhich will last at least till mid April 2020. While this is the most effective tool to control the virus by maintaining Social Distancing and Breaking the Chain, this has affected the livelihood of many workers and has threatened the source of income for many professionals too.

What is the Child Help Foundation doing to support the fight against Coronavirus(COVID19)?

We are now in the center phase of the coronavirus (COVID19) which is spread everywhere in the world and is expanding in INDIA rapidly. As the threat of this virus attack grows and puts further strain on communities, here are a few things we are doing to help the society:
❖ We started multiple campaigns to prevent COVID19 virus from spreading exponentially on the ground through our Child Help Foundation Volunteers and participating partners and then it was communicated digitally on Social media which includes Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube which includes the below mentioned points.

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❖ The outbreak of this virus has not only crippled China but the whole world needs a stick to stand up straight. India is trying it's best to fight the virus, yet as of today (26th March 2020) 719 individuals tested positive out of which 16 people lost their lives. We need your support to help the affected people of this outbreak and to prevent any further extensive outbreak. Lives of Millions of the working population including daily wage earners have been badly affected. India with a population of 1.3 billion needs to stand as one to fight this outbreak.

In this moment of uncertainty which is looming all across, we request all those helping hands to come forward and generously help the underprivileged who have been victims of this pandemic which has derailed the normal lives.

Please donate to help the needy as mentioned below:

-Help us support the daily worker with food , medical needs and some basic needs. After the outbreak of this pandemic the daily workers are struggling to feed and support their family.

-Help us support the hospitalized kids who are already in danger and after the outbreak, their lives are more in jeopardy than before. Help us in bringing smiles.

-Help us support the victims who are already affected by COVID19. As per the MSN, we have only 40,000 working ventilators for 1.3 billion people. We need your help to install more ventilators to save our future.

-This virus is deadly in the case of elderly people (age 45+). Help us in providing the basic supplies and needs for the elderly.

How Can You Help?
-You can Donate
-You can share this link on Facebook and WhatsApp so that message reaches to more people like you who will impact more life
-You can Volunteer to Raise Funds and donate it here.

50% Tax Exemption under 80(G)
We will be grateful for your help!

HELP US Support all those affected by COVID19

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