Should Your Child Be Wearing A Mask?

Posted on: 2022-02-23 17:47:58

With schools taking steps to reopen as the number of COVID infections remain manageable, the questions over masking children, such as:

Should young children wear a mask?

How long to mask a child?

When are they allowed to remove it?

Whether masks would allow them to breathe enough oxygen or trap too much carbon dioxide?

are asked by many parents around the world as they try to prevent new waves of COVID-19, while also allowing children to develop, socialize and thrive emotionally. With COVID-19 vaccinations for children aged below 15 yet to begin, their only lines of defense are face masks, hand sanitization, and physical distancing.

How Do Masks Help?

COVID-19 can spread when people breathe, talk, cough, or sneeze. A well-fitted mask keeps the virus from reaching others. It can also protect the person wearing a mask from becoming infected. Masks also stop people from touching their mouths and faces with contaminated hands, which is another way for the virus to spread.

Should Children Wear Masks?

The WHO (World Health Organization) says children under the age of five need not necessarily wear masks due to the risk of suffocation. Children are fidgety at that age and are unlikely to be able to wear them correctly for a long period of time or safely discard them. However, there are exceptions. If the child is sick or in contact with someone who is unwell, they should wear a mask under adult supervision. Face masks are essential during the ongoing COVID?19 pandemic.

WHO and UNICEF(United Nations Children’s Funds) advise that the decision to use masks for children aged 6-11 should be based on the following factors: