4 Reasons why small businesses should collaborate with Non-Profits

Posted on: 2022-01-08 14:31:04
The contemporary times are seeing the growth of a new kind of business collaboration. Since the pandemic began, many people lost their jobs and were in distress. The only community of people who have strived through these unprecedented times are the owners of small businesses. Budding entrepreneurs, across the globe, channelled their skills and talents to come up with business ideas that are attractive to the common man. From home bakers, small cosmetic brands, thrift stores to social media and marketing companies, many businesses have found a niche for themselves in the market.

NGO-business collaborations have been increasing for several years now. Under the heading of Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR), companies are becoming conscious of the kind of influence they are having on all aspects of society, including economic, social, and environmental. These new alliances are not only helping to strengthen the legitimacy and social acceptability of companies, but they are also creating awareness about the goods and services of the businesses, by making them accessible to a wider population. In this way, these partnerships boost the effectiveness of NGO actions while reinventing in which businesses predict their activity in developing countries.

The relationship between businesses and Non-profits is a two-way street making it profitable to accomplish the goals of both the parties involved. For instance, if a food brand gets in touch with a non-profit that works towards feeding the needy communities, the business would gain popularity among neighbouring areas and more and more people would get acquainted with the product.

Here are 5 reasons why as a small business owner, you should consider collaborating with a non-profit organization.

1. To build brand awareness

Businesses who collaborate with a nonprofit form a relationship between their company and the charity, which helps both organizations raise exposure. By raising awareness through each other, both parties will be able to reach a wider audience.

2. Target your niche by choosing the correct NGO

It's vital to choose the correct charity to work with.
Most small businesses discover that partnering with a charity whose members include their niche market is more important than donating to the city's largest charity. The Huffington Post reported that For Momentum’s 2015 Corporate Partner Survey said 92% of companies find that brand alignment with their charitable partner is more important than anything else. So instead of opting for size, think of how a charity aligns with your brand and you may find it easier to reach your target customers.

3. Identify emerging prospects for networking

Networking possibilities exist at charitable events and gatherings. Small businesses can gain access to new contacts and meet possible business partners and customers by partnering with a non-profit. Depending on your community and type of business, charitable networking may lead to the introduction of business partners who contribute a significant portion of your revenue.

4. It helps others

The most obvious reason for collaborating with non-profit organizations is that your activity might prove fruitful and benefit others. Small businesses contribute back to their communities on a daily basis, but NGOs allow them to focus on and aid causes that are important to them.

India has seen many successful collaborations when it comes to CSR. It began around a decade ago when huge Multinational Corporates (MNCs) realized their social responsibility and felt the need to give back to the community. For instance, Unilever, is integrating social innovation strategies in its business operations. In India, it teamed up with NGOs to create Shakti, a rural network that sells products adapted to rural customers in more than 100,000 villages, employing 31,000 women.

Child Help Foundation has been partnering with multiple businesses. In collaboration with Avni, Child Help Foundation is conducting distribution drives to rural areas of India to encourage them to adopt healthy menstrual practices. By inculcating menstrual hygiene, CHF aims to avoid diseases and infections among young girls and women. If you are a small business owner or know someone who could benefit by partnering with Child Help Foundation, comment below or send us an e-mail at contact@childhelpfoundationindia.org to get in touch with us.